In Door Signage Production & Installation – In-Door signs come in different varieties from simple door signs to large directional signage. Variety of materials are used such as Perspex, Brass, Engraving, Laminate, Stainless steel and Vinyl for manufacturing and designing indoor signage.

We at CLICK MEDIA will provide you with samples of the category type chosen for your final decision.

Foam Board Signs – These are Lightweight, professional signs you can set up anywhere inside your office.

Window Decals – Maximize your most visible space. They attract customers walking by your premise and grab their attention

A – Frame Signs – are the most efficient way of grabbing customers to walk in to your store. A – Frame Signs infront of your store simply stand out.

Acrylic Signs – Great for branding, in-office directions and more.

Metal Signs – They are the most Stylish, durable way to display names, logos and more.

Engraved door signs – Provide clear, custom direction

Engraved name plates – A distinguished addition to your desk

Frosted Stickers Frosted Privacy film is CLICK MEDIA’s most popular film. Provides elegance without any fanfare. It gives you maximum privacy while still allowing the light in. Frosted Film provides the most privacy of any of our film products. Ideal for residential and commercial locations. Contains real, finely ground glass, adding the sparkle of real frosted glass windows.

One Way Vision Stickers – One way vision is perfect for vehicles, including taxis, buses and commercial vehicles.  One way vision is a film that is placed on the external side of glass or a rear vehicle window.  The film has the desired image or graphic digitally printed from our Printing Machines and it is then adhered to the outside of the glass.  One way vision film consists of a self adhesive film that has perforated holes in it allowing for the driver to be able to see out of the window/glass.